Hello ☀️

Are you absent from your mission? ?

You must notify Gojob, so that we can inform the company where you work. 

Why do I have to tell gojob and not the company directly?

Gojob is your employer, so you'll need to contact your contact person to inform them of your absence. The following steps are taken by your employer.

How do i declare my absence?  

Here is a QR code that will allow you to declare your absence : 

Please scan this code with your cell phone camera. 

You will arrive on the following site : 

Please fill in the form with your absence details. We'll take care of the necessary arrangements for your absence from the mission ?

⚠️ WARNING : It's still possible that the managers of the company you work for will ask you for information, but you'll obviously have to justify your absence to them. 

We wish you a speedy recovery ! Take care of yourself ☀️

Gojob Team.